I'm a crusty old broad who hates everything but when I saw my dog's portrait I cried. Rachael was quick to develop and capture Katy's essence. I love what she has created."
    --PJ and Mo

I've bought a Chapbook for myself and a set for my sisters, my niece and a friend. Your poetry touched me deeply. Though it is holiday season and hectic, I take a few moments every day to dip into your chapbooks. These gifts will be so appreciated and will travel to New Jersey, Florida, Colorado and Alaska."
    --Randy, auto repair shop manager

I love the energy of this piece at the center of the chick!"
    --Seattle art collector who purchased Rachael's work at Bella Regalo
    in Liverpool, NY

Congrats! Beautiful chick! Client is very astute in taste. A wonderful compliment. Know that you are a good and great artist."
    --Tea Avalon, owner Bella Regalo and textile artist

Rachael Ikins is very, very talented. I don't care which piece we take, 'Boy' or 'Frog' or 'Spider on Daisy' but we MUST have one of her works in this show."
    --Director of the Everson Museum September Exhibit